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A Distant Island


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Perhaps there is truth in the statement No man is an island. but don’t you sometimes wish you were? Would it not be a good thing to have all the troubles of the world sail around you but never land on your shore? And never have people disembark and leave their cargo of problems at your door? If however we did not see the many problems that others face then we could not realize how few we have. Still to be an island for brief periods of time is something of which to dream. This acrylic painting was done in November of 2008. I painted it for my grandnephew Kevin at his request. I like the clear sky above the bright clouds beyond the small island.


11 X 14 (Print), 16 X 20 (Canvas), 24 X 30 (Canvas), 5 X 7 (Print), 8 X 10 (Print)


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