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Spring Quilt Washing


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There was a certain day in the early spring when quilts were no longer needed for coverings which had been used throughout the cold winter weeks. All the family quilts were boiled in soapy water in the wash pot then rinced in tubs of clear water. After each rincing two people were required to wring out the quilts removing as much water and soap as possible before the next rincing after which they were twisted in opposite directions by a person on each end. These efforts to remove the water were not easy ones since the quilts were extremely heavy when dripping with water. The house in the previous wash-day picture (and this one) is similar to my grandparents home where I spent much time as a child.


11 X 14 (Print), 16 X 20 (Canvas), 24 X 30 (Canvas), 5 X 7 (Print), 8 X 10 (Print)


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